Interview with Ravi Sagoo

I am your ordinary guy out there who truly believes that dressing well is a way of life and no there are no short cuts! I come from an Asian background, I have knowledge in finance but a true passion for menswear and all things sartorial!

How and when did you become interested in fashion?

From ever since I can remember! I still remember telling my mother that I wasn’t going to wear a pair of brand new shoes as they didn’t match my outfit and I was like only 5! At my first ever parents day at school, my teacher had all nice things to say about me but one “Ravi told me that my shoes didn’t quite go with my dress!”….I must’ve been 6 then!

How would you describe your style?

I would say classic but by no means ordinary! I believe in taking key pieces for example navy/grey and elevating it! Nothing is worse than a boring outfit! I always say that you must be dressed like you are going somewhere better afterwards! I love to play with texture, colour and pattern!

What is your favourite accessory?

I love ties but I probably wear pocket squares more often. I also think a pocket square is a great way to add that little va va voom factor to a look! If you find ties are too formal, a colour pop pocket square does a great job! Or even better the beautiful boutonnieres that Silvio Fiorello make!!

What is your preferred pattern in a tie?

I love paisley as a general pattern for men’s accessories so that is up there on my list! However the tie you chose really depends on what you are pairing it with, how you pair it with that in terms of other accessories and also what the occasion is! A plain or bold stripe silk tie can be so effective when styled right too!

What is the thing in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

Well fitted white shirts! I have a few different styles of course. I cannot find one occasion when you can’t wear a good white shirt. Invest in some, get a good linen one too for the summer!

What do you think the upcoming trends are going to be?

I am seeing a lot of neutrals still! I myself do like colour and so I always find a way of adding little pops to my look! I have also been wearing more relaxed fit trousers, higher rise and pleats…think that is definitely a trend in the trouser department! Double breasted suits seem to also be the order of the day, but not as boxy at the 80’s. At the moment I am in search of a nice seersucker suit which I was actually planning to wear for Pitti this summer!! Guess I am going to have to invest in warmer fabrics for the next edition of January 2021!

On your Instagram account, apart from your fashion looks, you like to show your culinary skills, what is your favourite meal?

Yes, I love to cook and eat good food! We are a very foody family and along with fashion this is probably another interest I share with the Italians J In terms of a favourite meal it keeps changing! I recently made a very simple lemon peppered sea bass, which I served with a mixed mushroom risotto, it was delicious! I have been baking a lot over lockdown and I would say my favourite has probably been a pineapple, coconut cake that I made!!

As a Londoner, what place would you recommend to visit for anyone coming to London?

London can be so overrated! Don’t get me wrong, I love the place and wouldn’t leave to go anywhere…not yet anyway, but it is much like any other modern city and you will find all the same shops, chain restaurants and entertainment as you would elsewhere! My advice would be walk! You cannot see the best parts of the city on a tube train or bus! A walk by the canal followed by a nice pint of ale by the embankment and some good pub grub!