Colours and Trends for Summer 2020

Summer 2020 is in full swing and accessorising has never been more important! Let us go through some of the biggest trends for this beautiful season. The way men dress is getting more colourful, more adventurous and less constrained by old rules and dress codes. Summer is the perfect time for reinvention and breathing new life into your style.

Gentleman Trend

Following the big sportswear trend that took hold of most men wardrobes, during past seasons we have seen the return, along with the reinvention, of tailoring.

Along with men wearing beautiful tailored suits and shirts, ties and accessories have become a big part of their looks. Ties and pocket squares have made a big appearance in most menswear collections and the contemporary dandy cannot go without! Wearing a tie, a pocket square, a scarf and a boutonniere are a must. A simple linen jacket or suit with an elegant tie or pocket square and your look is complete!

Satin Trend

The tight weave of satin helps it achieve that glossy and soft surface it’s best known for. Very much used by womenswear designers back in the Fifties, for Spring/Summer 2020 satin has been a firm favourite of menswear, giving it a fresh new lease of life.

Satin has been one of the most used silk weaves for tie makers! Printing on satin produces amazing results, you get a very vivid image with incredible colours!

Our satin silk ties are the height and beauty of our collections! A must have to elevate your look!

Stripes Trend

Summer 2019 saw suits making a welcome return to the world’s runways in the most classic forms possible (black, grey, double-breasted). Summer 2020 sees a few of the more dynamic tailoring styles making a comeback, particularly the pinstripe suits. Once favoured by bankers and businessmen, for Summer 2020 the fabric feels contemporary and chic. If you are not planning on wearing a pinstripe suit, you may want to opt for a stripe or regimental tie, which recalls the concept of a pinstripe suit!


Tropic Trend

The tropic trend is taking Summer 2020’s style by storm!

Vibrant shirts and prints echo a young Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann.

Here at Silvio Fiorello we have embraced the tropic trend with our beautiful collection of satin prints. Flowers, palms, vibrant colours, these ties will make you standout and look on trend.


Real Men Wear Pink

It’s the colour-trend of summer 2020!

Classic pink, delicate pastel, or neon, it works on anyone brave enough to wear it. Pink has always been a firm favourite of Silvio Fiorello. A pink tie will immediately inject freshness and elegance to any suit or blazer. A pink pocket square is the perfect accent.

Be brave, real men wear pink!