Taormina Collection

In the heart of Sicily, where history weaves through every street and whispers in the breeze, there lies a town that embodies the essence of ancient allure: Taormina.
The collection aims to capture the essence of Taormina, blending elements of its Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, and Spanish heritage into a cohesive and captivating aesthetic. From intricately detailed patterns inspired by ancient mosaics to flowing silhouettes evoking the Mediterranean breeze, each piece in the collection reflects the town's diverse influences and past.
The Taormina collection is a journey back to the roots of Sicilian heritage, where the echoes of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Arab civilizations intertwine to create a mosaic of cultural richness. Inspired by the timeless beauty of this enchanting town, each piece in the collection pays homage to the incredible past and vibrant present of Taormina.
This collection is a celebration of Taormina's beauty and heritage while offering a modern interpretation that resonates with contemporary style. Each tie and pocket square invites you to carry a piece of Taormina's timeless allure with you.