Style Tips for a Job Interview

A job interview is always a delicate and sometimes stressful moment. One often wonders what is the best way to show up for a job interview and what is the most appropriate outfit. The first impression is essential and having a well-groomed appearance is always a great start. Regardless of the sector of work, there are dress code rules that are always valid.

Wearing a suit of your size and having a well-ironed shirt are essential aspects. To make a great first impression, it is not enough to wear an elegant suit, you need to feel comfortable and at ease, so we recommend wearing the same suit at least once before the interview.

It is advisable to choose a suit with dark and neutral colours such as blue or grey for a classic style. A white shirt is preferable and it is a must to wear a tie and pocket square.

Here are our tips for finding the perfect tie for your job interview. The tie must be combined with the shirt and suit. Depending on the type of company and job position you are being interviewed for, and also your personal taste, you can choose a tie that contrasts with the colours of the suit or one that blends with it.

A blue tie is ideal, both in a block colour and with small/micro contrasting motifs, such as red, white and burgundy. The more intense the blue, the more it expresses elegance.

A red tie is perfect on white and blue shirts.

A pink tie is suitable for a grey suit and with a white or light blue shirt.

A yellow tie pairs well with a blue suit and a white or blue striped shirt.

The green tie, not too bright, goes well with a white shirt, and with all shades of suits.

The white or cream tie is not recommended because it is suitable for formal events such as weddings.


For those wishing to focus on patterned ties, sobriety is essential. Ideally, you should choose a more traditional tie that matches your suit, a polka dot, striped or paisley pattern, with classic colours.

Colours and patterns are important, but the way the tie is tied can also be noticed in a job interview. The four in hand knot is often preferred thanks to the simplicity of its execution, the Pratt knot and the Windsor knot are characterized by a more symmetrical shape and larger dimensions. However, we cannot forget the shirt collar: if it is wide, for example in the French style, a very noticeable knot is needed, while with a classic collar, a four in hand knot is an almost obligatory choice.

As for the materials, silk is always to be preferred because it is a guarantee of elegance.