silvio fiorello

Silvio is a dreamer, a creative and an innovator.

Our story begins in October 1986, when our founder Silvio Fiorello, together with his wife Carmela, decided to follow his dream, thus the Cravattificio Fiorello was born in the small town of Gagliano Castelferrato.

Wanting to create a company in Sicily meant believing in local skills and know-how. As a sociologist, Silvio Fiorello had studied well the problematics of the territory and therefore creating a company in the small town of Gagliano Castelferrato wanted to support the local artisan tradition and Sicilian craftsmanship.

The commitment, honesty and professionalism were awarded with a honorary title of knighthood by the President of the Italian Republic, Cavaliere al Merito of the Italian Republic, in 2015. 

Working with passion and offering the highest quality have always been very important values. For several decades we have had the pleasure of collaborating and creating wonderful products for world famous fashion houses.

In 2010 the second generation took over the company, responsible for the development of the Silvio Fiorello brand internationally. Silvio Fiorello was the first neckwear brand in the history of fashion to present its collection at Milan Fashion Week and London Men's Fashion Week.

Sicilian Excellence

Each and every Silvio Fiorello product represent the

Sicilian excellence, a story made of passion and love.

Our ties are timeless accessories, they are handmade and

are a tribute to the Italian artisan tradition.

It's all in the detail

Each tie is individually cut at 45 degrees and the design is centred on the tip. These details are essential for the tie to drape well when it is worn.

No tie is the same

The points of our ties are sewn using a linear machine, which is a machine used by tailors. At this stage, we insert a special extra lining that runs along the length of the tie. This lining offers incredible comfort when the tie is worn and holds the knot well in place.

Handmade with passion

All our ties are ironed by hand, this gives body to the tie without flattening it, and is a sign of high quality.

Before being hand-sewn, our ties are pinned, giving them their final shape, the excess silk is cut and the wool lining, or the soul of the tie, is inserted.

The precision of this phase is essential because the
tie must have the perfect shape to be sewn by hand.

Creative craftsmanship

All our ties are sewn exclusively by hand. We use a technique called free thread, so not a loop, this is the detail that shows that the tie is truly hand-made.

The free thread gives flexibility to the tie, making it easy to tie the knot and adjusting to the desired length.

A delicate, final ironing is carried out, followed by two quality checks.

The handmade shows the power of the human spirit and its propensity to create.

Our ties are real masterpieces, created with love and passion.