Silvio Fiorello: A Triumph of Craftsmanship. How we make our ties!

Silvio Fiorello’s ties, are not just handmade ties, they are handmade ties with a difference!

All our ties are cut one by one, ironed by hand, have a double lining and are all entirely handstitched!

All these steps, are what make Silvio Fiorello ties real couture pieces.


Cutting the ties one by one by hand allows us to centre the design at the point, this is a sign of quality and attention in a tie.

If the design is not centred it will look bent and immediately show that the tie is of poor quality.



Our ties are then sewn using a linear machine, which is not an industrial machine, but a machine used even by tailors. This is when we put the first lining which runs across the length and width of the tie. This lining, which is a highly skilled step, will offer incredible comfort when a tie is worn.


All our ties are ironed by hand, this will add body to the tie, rather than making the tie look flat.

Before being hand sewn, Silvio Fiorello’s ties are pinned and shaped, this is called imbastitura.

This is a very difficult and highly technical phase, where the extra silk is cut and the lining is placed inside.

Precision and technique are essential because the tie will then need to be sewn and so has to achieve the perfect shape.

Sewing a tie by hand, especially made of silk, which is a very delicate material, requires a lot of skill. This is a true artform, and the technique we use is the one used in couture.

The tie is gently sewn and the keeper and label are put on.


After each tie is ready, we gently iron it and a first quality check is made, followed by a second and final check.

Having two quality control stations, gives us the opportunity to make sure that every tie reaches perfection.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality possible to our clients.