Pitti Immagine Uomo 96 - Florence 11 - 14 June 2019


Our collection S/S 20 is dedicated to the colours of our motherland, our Sicily. Intense red like the lava of Mount Etna, vivid yellow recalling our juicy lemons, the rich blue of our sea, the beautiful light blue of our clear sky, the vibrant pink of our flowers.

A unique concept of Silvio Fiorello as a brand is to unite masculine and feminine elements in our designs. This is innovative and makes all our neckwear contemporary and unique.

This collection focuses on classic designs that are complemented by punchy and vibrant colours. Accessories are the real protagonists of male elegance because of their power to transform and complete a look.

In this collection we present linen, panama and shantung silk, alongside our staple satins and twills.This season we will be introducing some new accessories to our offering, cufflinks and panama hats.

They will have our signature style of colour and class, with a uniqueness that can only be Silvio Fiorello.​

Our collaboration with artist Ilian Rachov continues and we are proud to introduce the new capsule collection ‘Trinacria’, as the name indicates the designs are inspired by the mythological symbol of Sicily.

The collection of pocket squares represents mythological subjects that are adorned by a unique baroque frame inspired by Villa D’Este.

This season we have the honour to once again have Mr.Luigi Carteciano, @thesuitedtraveller, as our testimonial and brand ambassador. The new campaign that sees Mr.Carteciano as the sole model, illustrates a journey of colours and designs that take form in our ties, pocket squares and boutonieres.

The innate elegance, charisma and flair for style of Mr.Carteciano is a perfect match for the Silvio Fiorello brand philosophy. The campaign puts a strong emphasis on the importance of accessories and how essential they are to complete the look of the modern man who wants to be elegant but also show his creative side.

Silvio Fiorello S/S 2 Collection will take you through a wonderful journey of colours, styles, textures and designs that will make you feel the Sicilian energy.

Pitti Immagine Uomo 95 - Florence 9-11 January 2019

A Celebration of Elegance

Silvio Fiorello launches the new Autumn/Winter 19-20 Collection, which celebrates elegance.

Our designs reinterpret classic elegance with a twist of vintage, creating designs that are contemporary and unique. Researching and creating something new are the driving force of the Silvio Fiorello brand.

This collection concentrates on micro designs while particularly exploring one of the staples of menswear classic designs, the ‘medallion’. Our unique designs have been printed not only on silk, strictly from Como, but also on seasonal fabrics such as wool and cashmere.

Silvio Fiorello dedicates a lot of attention to a new collection of scarves, many of which are double sided, double printed, cashmere, wool and cashmere blend and have unique and original patterns Every season Silvio Fiorello introduces new tie models that show our creative and technical abilities.

This season we are proud to present our ‘Vertical Pleat Tie’, which has pleats that run though the length of the tie and are fully handmade. This tie shows a high level of craftsmanship. Another new model is the ‘Patchwork and Pleats Tie’, this wonderful tie combines a small patchwork section intermittent with a pleated section, this is a highly technical and unique tie that will capture your attention!

We are proud to introduce our new capsule collection ‘Sicilian Baroque’ designed by talented artist Ilian Rachov. The designs revisit the classic art baroque theme, while reinterpreting it and adding the rich mythological symbol of Sicily, the Trinacria.

The unique concept of this capsule collection is to fuse the old and the new, this is done by using some modern, pop art and geometric backgrounds as a base on which Mr.Rachov has created his baroque and mythological designs.

This capsule collection will enchant and surprise you.The spirit of the collection is supported by our new testimonial Luigi Carteciano, @thesuitedtraveller, who is a vision of elegance in his own right as well as a style inspiration.

The theme of elegance is echoed in the new campaign photos that see Mr. Carteciano wearing beautiful made to measure suits and shirts perfectly finished by Silvio Fiorello ties and pocket squares. Thus, putting emphasis on the importance of accessories and how essential they are to complete a look.

The Silvio Fiorello collection is a celebration of elegance that will take you through many different and unique themes which will stimulate you and make you want to strive towards accessorizing your daily look and taking it to the next level.

Our ties are real masterpieces, created with love and passion.