Our Philosophy

Love for the quality of craftsmanship and materials.

All Silvio Fiorello products are exclusively handmade.
The main material that we use is Italian silk from Como.
Our high quality of craftsmanship and materials represent the real handmade in Italy.


Our Story

In 1986 Silvio’s dream of opening a tie company came true.
With the help of his wife Carmela, little by little the Silvio Fiorello brand came to life. Our atelier is based in the center of Sicily, Southern Italy, in the small village of Gagliano Castelferrato.



Silvio Fiorello was born in Gagliano on 7th February 1943 from a religious Catholic family. As a young man he studied Classics in Bronte (CT) at Real Collegio Capizzi, a famous institute well known for discipline and humanities studies.

Silvio Fiorello started reading Law at Catania University but his studies were interrupted to start his military training, which a the time was compulsory. Following his military training, Silvio accepted a job in a famous pharmaceutical company, where he worked for five years. Wanting to widen his experience he moved to Rome to work for Inadel. In 1976, while in Rome, he resumed his love for studying, completing a Degree in Sociology. From a young age Silvio Fiorello was a lover of fashion, art and style.

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Our company is one big family.

Our production team is made entirely by women. We believe in working together towards the same purpose: making beautiful products. We work with loyalty towards our clients, we offer transparency, honesty and a service you only find from true Made In Italy.

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