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The tie is a timeless accessory, a must for those who want to dress elegantly and for those who love a well-groomed look.

Our ties are handmade and are a tribute to the Italian artisan tradition.

Each tie is individually cut at 45 degrees and the design is centered on the tip. These details denote the true tailoring of a tie and are essential for the tie to drape well when it is worn.

The points of our ties are sewn using a linear machine, which is not an industrial machine, but a machine also used by tailors. At this stage we insert a special extra lining that runs along the length of the tie. This lining, which requires considerable difficulty in being inserted, offers incredible comfort when the tie is worn and holds the knot in place without loosening.


Hand ironing is particularly important because it gives body to the tie without flattening it, this is a sign of high quality.

Before being hand-sewn, our ties are pinned, giving them their final shape before sewing. In this complex phase, the excess silk is cut and the wool lining, or the soul of the tie, is inserted.


The precision of this phase is essential because the tie must be ready to be sewn by hand, and therefore must have a perfect shape.

All our ties are sewn exclusively by hand with haute couture techniques. We use a technique called free thread, so not a loop, this is the detail that shows that the tie is truly hand-sewn. The free thread gives flexibility to the tie, giving ease of tying the knot and adjusting to your desired length.


A delicate final ironing is carried out, followed by two quality checks.

Our ties are real masterpieces, created with love and passion.

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