Interview with Vinz Wayne


Hi, my name is Vincenzo but now happily for friends and everyone Vinz Wayne!

I am a man of almost middle age but a good romantic and dreamer I still look at the things I like with the eyes of a child, including elegance!


How was your love for fashion born?

I would say spontaneously and always. I remember when, as a child, early in the morning, I would watch my father with admiration getting ready in the bathroom, getting ready to go to work. The daily gesture of shaving, putting on an ironed shirt, knotting a tie with care and precision have certainly been the seed of my passion.

How would you define your style?

Classic but with a lively vibe! Classic elegance remains the basis but I like to play and sometimes experiment, even going beyond the rules, with the use of bright and unusual colours, combining them with accessories of contrast colours.

What do accessories represent for you and what are your favourites?

Accessories are the right way to complete a look. For example, wearing only a jacket, without a tie but adding a colourful pocket square or a boutonniére, it gives the finishing touch to the whole look. My favourite accessories have always been cufflinks, which I love, but since I discovered Silvio Fiorello, I find the boutonniére irresistible!

Which tie knot do you prefer?

The Windsor knot, also because it is the one envisaged by the dresscode in my workplace. But I like to vary and try others too, since there are many, especially based on the type of collar of the shirts I wear. Personally, I have always maintained that the true quality of a tie is seen on the act of making the knot and since I have Silvio Fiorello ties, I have enjoyed making all the variants of  different knots, and the knot has always come out perfectly and on the first try!


What you wear helps define your personality?

Definitely yes, indeed it fully expresses it. For example, even on a normal day, so not on holidays or without a special occasion, I like to get fully dressed even to simply go and buy milk!

What could you not live without?

The tie! Much has been said and written about this splendid accessory by much more competent and illustrious people than me. I say that in an elegant look, not wearing a tie is like writing a beautiful letter without signing it at the end!

Who is your favorite style icon?

In truth, no one in a particular way or it would be too easy to name everyone or those who are considered as icons of style and elegance. However, I must say that since I entered the Silvio Fiorello world and joined Instagram, Luigi Carteciano @thesuitedtraveller, who is featured in the Silvio Fiorello lookbook sent with the orders I received, is a style icon. I should add, however, that simply seeing during a walk, a man or woman, elegantly dressed, is always good for the eyes!

Your favourite place where you spent your holidays?

I state that as an Italian, I think there is no more beautiful place in the world to visit and discover than our dear old “boot!”. Well … instinctively I would answer Sardinia and Salento, two magical places where I have been several times … but the last holiday, spent with my family, on the island of Ischia, stayed in our heart!



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