Interview with Davide Scapuzzi

Davide Scapuzzi is a young Italian lawyer specialized in data protection who, in his life besides his profession, cultivates different passions: philosophy, good music especially Pink Floyd, art, writing, and last but not least classical elegance of which he has become passionate about especially in recent years. In this regard, he has a dream: to design his own personal tie because to paraphrase Pirandello, in a world of masks, every now and then you need a few faces.

How was your love and passion for fashion born?

My passion for fashion and more generally for beauty comes from my family. Since I was a child, my family members have always tried to dress me in the best possible way, teaching me the rules for dressing and being suitable for every occasion.

Even today, I remember a bow tie from when I was a child that I was very fond of, and that I practically never took off. From here on, I followed the tips that I was taught as a child, refining them until I found my own style, far from the fashions of the moment and designer labels.

For this passion my mother still calls me “Principino”, meaning “Little Prince” in Italian.

How would you define your style?

If I had to choose an adjective that most of all represents my style, I would certainly choose classic. I love everything that represents it and that derives from the 1930s, which were the golden years of male elegance. In particular, I am in love with the English style, especially with the three-piece grey suit, which was widely used especially by the bankers of the City of London of those years and which is slowly being rediscovered today.

What do accessories represent for you?

Accessories are the indispensable means of expressing yourself. They are a person’s business card; through them, others are put in a position to understand something extra about our personality.

In this sense, a tie, a pocket square, a bouttoniere, like the ones from Silvio Fiorello all rigorously made in Sicily are not only ornaments, but they are real jewels that, if worn with taste and without exaggerating, allow the suit to come to life out of the standard, thus as a mean to express your personality.

In my opinion, an accessory that really can never be missing in the wardrobe of a man, who aspires to be elegant, is undoubtedly the tie. Personally I love them I consider it even more important than the suit itself, because it is the first thing you notice in a outfit and that allows you to be forgotten or remembered.

What style of tie do you prefer?

I don’t have one type of tie that I prefer over another. For me, the choice depends on the material with which it is made, which must definitely be pure silk and the occasion on which it must be worn. However, if I had to choose a type, I would definitely choose a micro-patterned silk tie in shades of light blue, green, blue, purple, red, lilac for formal occasions. While for informal occasions, I do not disdain those in woven silk, to wear with a blue or grey blazer.

Which tie knot do you prefer?

I don’t have a favourite knot. I follow the rule according to which the knot varies according to the collar of the shirt. As a rule, I opt for the classic four in hand, but if the shirt allows it, rectius, – the collar of the shirt allows it, then I choose the half windsor. However, regardless of the knot, what matters to me is that immediately below the knot, the dimple, name which derives from the Anglo-Saxons tradition, is formed giving the tie a sense of dynamism that allows you to immediately understand the quality of the tie.

What could you not live without?

This is a difficult question! I would say self-respect and education in addition to empathy and solidarity with others.

How do you relax at the end of the day?

To relax, I usually play sports. I like swimming, non-competitive boxing and also a good game of snooker. However, the thing that relaxes me the most is to smoke a Cuban cigar, while tasting good rum and having Pink Floyd’s sound in the background.

The book you would read a thousand times?

There are many. To name one, “The Journey of the Hero” by Joseph Campbell.


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