Interview with @thesuitedtraveller

How did you fall in love with tailoring?

My mother was a seamstress, so I grew up with scissors, pins, fabrics, meters, buttons and so on. Added to this is my love for art and beauty. Dressing well, which in the Sicilian tradition is summed up in the concept of 'making a good impression', made elegance become the way to express my personality, my love for life. And tailoring is the necessary tool!

What is the thing you love most about craftsmanship?

The love and passion with which the products are made, putting quality first. I love the technique with which the smallest details are made. A technique that has been handed down for generations. This combination of history, passions and quality makes handicraft products alive and unique.

How would you define your style?

An elegant style that tries to combine tradition with modernity. Above all style is the tool to express my personality. Therefore it is a game of balances of fabrics, colors, patterns and accessories. I like the expression: it is not the dress that wears you, but you must be the one wearing the dress.

What do accessories represent for you?

Accessories are the foundations of that balancing act I mentioned earlier, necessary to convey my vision of reality. The main accessory is the tie. The playing margins are very wide thanks to the different patterns, colors and fabrics. With a tie you can change the mood of an outfit in a drastic way. Silvio Fiorello ties and pocket squares are ideal for my outfits. Silvio Fiorello ties are unique in their varied and surprising use of colors and patterns, surely the result of the explosion of colors of Sicily. All based on excellent quality. As I have already said: the others produce ties, Silvio Fiorello creates masterpieces.

Which tie knot do you prefer?

I strongly believe in the statement that beauty is hidden in small imperfections. Therefore I prefer the asymmetric knots that tend to create that little imperfection in the harmony of the outfit. The Prince Albert knot (double 4 in hand tie knot) is my favorite.

What could you not live without?

The ability to dream.

What makes you smile when you wake up in the morning?

The morning is my favourite part of the day. Because it is like a rebirth, the beginning of a new journey and the moment when we begin to realise our dreams. The morning has the flavour of life that is born.

What was your favourite trip?

The journey is the realisation of a project, of a dream. In fact, for me, travel begins earlier with its design. The best are those in which you interact with the locals, you get in tune with the local ways of life. I don't have a favourite trip, everyone has added something to my memories and experiences.