Silvio Fiorello was born in Gagliano on 7th February 1943 from a religious Catholic family. As a young man he studied Classics in Bronte (CT) at Real Collegio Capizzi, a famous institute well known for discipline and humanities studies. Silvio Fiorello started reading Law at Catania University but his studies were interrupted to start his military training, which a the time was compulsory. Following his military training, Silvio accepted a job in a famous pharmaceutical company, where he worked for five years. Wanting to widen his experience he moved to Rome to work for Inadel. In 1976, while in Rome, he resumed his love for studying, completing a Degree in Sociology. From a young age Silvio Fiorello was a lover of fashion, art and style. In 1977 Silvio was transferred, by his employers to Ragusa, Sicily. During the same year, while on holiday in Gagliano, he met Carmela, who in 1978 became his wife. From their marriage two girls were born, Nancy and Annalisa. In 1986 Silvio decided to open a tie company, ‘Cravattificio Fiorello’, and his brand ‘Silvio Fiorello’, thus realizing a lifelong dream.

The opening of a tie company in a small town like Gagliano aroused disbelief and skepticism amongst its people. In that moment Silvio Fiorello entered, almost tiptoeing, a world of fashion, creativity, stylism, collections, silks and colours. Opening a company in such a small Sicilian town was a symbol of the importance that Silvio gave to his roots, at the same time he was starting a radical movement that saw the concept of ‘non immigration’ and the fight against Sicilian immobility. Silvio Fiorello started creating exclusive models, unique designs and soon attracted the attention of the best boutiques’ buyers worldwide. Silvio also had several decennial collaborations with some of the biggest Italian stylists that represented a big personal and professional growth for him. The first big international group that noticed the beautiful products made by the then small company, was Swiss ‘Globus’. Its buyers saw the beautiful Silvio Fiorello’s creations during a trade show ‘Fiera dell’Artigianato’ in Palermo, thus introducing the ties in all the Globus’ main stores. Following the success with Globus, another store started buying Silvio Fiorello’s ties, London’s famous ‘Fortnum & Mason’. Today the brand Silvio Fiorello is being sold in some of the best boutiques worldwide. Day after day Silvio Fiorello works to improve the quality of all its products while creating exclusive models that promote the real Handmade in Italy.

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