Hi, I’m Rosa. I live life thinking that the glass is always half full. I have always fought for the right things, which not always find comfort in Justice, but my motto is to never give up! It is a verb that is not in my vocabulary.


Why one should buy “superfluous” objects after being at home for months during lockdown? When you don’t even know when you can wear them? When it doesn’t make money and everything should do except spend on the futile?

It happened to me to do this at night, to want something that gave me a sense of light, that seemed to want to come out of the screen to “comfort” me, to give me “hope”, to give me a moment of joy.

This thought could cause indignation in the reader: “but how, with so many deaths, do you think about buying?” ….. “with people who cannot eat, you want to buy yourself a lipstick, a bag, a scarf?”

It is immoral.

And instead it is not for many reasons!

I could say that it is not because behind every product there is a chain of people who think, make it, market it.

I could say that it isn’t because all of these people are guaranteed a job, a cure, another purchase.

All right, but these are not the main thoughts that came to my mind when I bought in the dark.

The predominant thought was to have a beautiful object in your hands after a few days. Because when I made that “click” until the moment when the courier would buzz my intercom, there was the pleasure of waiting which culminated with the arrival of the object.

You opened the box, you smelled it again, you looked at it and you felt that little joy; in your hands, on your skin, in your eyes!

The world has always needed beauty, even in the worst moments … indeed especially in the worst moments!

And then in a hypothetical match: BEAUTIFUL 1 – COVID 0


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